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Dental Practice Ownership: Startup or Existing?

Any doctor weighing the benefits of dental practice ownership must eventually determine whether to purchase an existing practice or risk opening a startup. There are potential benefits to both options, but… READ MORE

Understanding Goodwill for Your Dental Practice

The intangible asset referred to as personal goodwill is a critical component of your dental practice’s value. This form of asset is often misunderstood, and the legal precedents bearing on personal… READ MORE

How Good Dental Practice Transition Brokers Save You Money

While it might be tempting to sell your dental practice without consulting a transition professional, you should first weigh the financial advantages of retaining a broker. While you may think that… READ MORE

Finding a Dental Practice Broker: The Dangers of Dual Representation

Imagine a lawsuit involving malpractice in which a patient sues a medical practitioner for damages for a mishandled procedure. To help negotiate the complexities of the legal system, the plaintiff hires… READ MORE

Promoting Your Dental Practice on Facebook (Part 2)

Updated 3/31/22 After implementing the essential Facebook strategies outlined in Part 1, your biggest focus should be posting consistently. Your content should be informative and/or entertaining — you need to give… READ MORE

Leasing a Space for Your Dental Practice

Leasing a space for your dental practice is a major career decision that will have a far reaching impact upon your entire business. While the cost, size and location of a… READ MORE

Promoting Your Dental Practice on Facebook (Part 1)

Updated 3/31/22 With over 2.9 billion users, Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the country. The average user clocks approximately 33 minutes on the site per visit, and… READ MORE

Build the Perfect Dental Practice Team

Your selection of dental personnel ranks among the most important professional decisions you will face. Few other factors influence the way your office functions as dramatically as your staff, so it’s… READ MORE

Is it Time for a Dental Practice Appraisal?

It’s obvious that a current practice appraisal will be necessary if the practice is to be put on the market, but this isn’t the only reason for obtaining an up-to-date valuation…. READ MORE

Conducting Due Diligence When Buying a Practice

Once you’ve found a practice to buy you’ll need to conduct your due diligence and then after you have entered a letter of intent or the purchase agreements then conduct a… READ MORE