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Writing a Transition Letter to Your Patients

In most states, when you sell a dental practice, you are required to notify your patients of the sale and to introduce the new owner who will retain custody of the… READ MORE

When to Sell Your Dental Practice

One of the most common questions we get is, “When should I sell my dental practice?”  It’s understandable that this is the first concern most dentists have. You know you want… READ MORE

Understanding DSOs and Their Role in the Market

What are DSOs? To circumvent laws regulating dental practice ownership, investors create separate entities — DSOs — to provide related practice management and business services such as marketing, bookkeeping, and financial… READ MORE

How Long Does it Take to Sell a Dental Practice?

The length of time it takes to sell a dental practice varies greatly depending on several factors. A dental practice can sell as quickly as six months or it could take… READ MORE

How Does Selling a Dental Practice Work?

Read our 12 steps towards a successful dental practice transition. Step 1: Hire a Broker Hiring an experienced broker is the best way to sell a dental practice. Using a broker will… READ MORE