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When Should I Prepare for the Sale of My Dental Practice?

Preparing for the sale of your dental practice can be a long and complicated process. There are many factors...READ MORE

Tips for Getting Your Dental Practice Ready for Sale

Preparing your dental practice for sale can be an extremely daunting task. While you are navigating this process, there...READ MORE

Top 5 Mistakes Doctors Make When Selling Their Dental Practice

Selling a dental practice is one of the biggest financial decisions a dentist will make in their career. Like...READ MORE

Goodwill in Dental Practice Transitions

Goodwill in a dental practice can be difficult to measure. How do you put a number on patient relationships,...READ MORE

Navigating the DSO Market

A DSO, or a dental service organization, provides business services for dental practices. Management practices like bookkeeping, marketing, and...READ MORE

The Value of Goodwill

Every viable dental practice has goodwill. Goodwill refers to the intangible assets that either restrict or enhance the future...READ MORE

Valuing a Practice Post COVID-19

Will the pandemic decrease dental practice values? How can one protect the marketability of their practice? Has COVID-19 affected...READ MORE

Purchase Comparison: Selling to a DSO or an Independent Dentist

What type of buyer is best for your dental practice? Discover the differences between selling to a DSO or...READ MORE

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Successful Practice Owner?

Dental schools provide an excellent platform for training students to practice dentistry, but they also fail to prepare them...READ MORE

Dental Practice Valuations Unplugged

Dentists (sellers and purchasers), bankers, and brokers all want to know the value of the dental practice in preparation...READ MORE

Practice Transitions in Today’s Market

Some of the frequent statements or questions I hear from dentists these days are- “I wish I could just...READ MORE

Thinking of Selling Your Practice?

Regardless of where you are in the selling process, you can never start too early. Consider the following 13...READ MORE

A Tax Attorney’s Advice to Dentists

A dental practice transition requires expertise in many different areas business and the law. I will narrow my advice...READ MORE

Thinking of Adding an Associate? Be Prepared!

The success of anything built or created, depends on a SOLID FOUNDATION. It only follows that before adding an...READ MORE

Pathways to a Practice Purchase … Proceed with Confidence!

A significant number of dental careers begin with the purchase of a practice. This purchase is ONE OF THE...READ MORE

Four Basic Dental Practice Sale Strategies

At the peak of your career as a dental professional, selling your practice may seem too far in the...READ MORE

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